Retrofit Your Warehouse - and Make it Safer!

LED lighting retrofit experts can make your GTA warehouse a much safer place. The typical warehouse or distribution centre often functions with a lower-than-optimal level of lighting. The facility may be old with antiquated fixtures, or the layout itself may interfere with clear visibility. Open spaces are littered with hazards, including forklifts, blind aisles, high shelving, loose pallets and spills on the floor and uneven floor surfaces. Retrofitting with LED lighting can reduce workspace accidents by up to 60%, according to research.

In this context, a LED lighting retrofit makes complete sense. It is not just the uniformity, brightness and colour of the light emitted by LED fixtures. The longevity of LED lighting means that there is less maintenance needed – meaning fewer workers on ladders replacing fixtures.

The white light emitted by LEDs reduces fatigue and promotes worker alertness. In the case of a power outage, traditional lighting can take up to 20 minutes to return to full force. LEDs come on instantly when power is restored – bringing the space back to instant full viability and safety.

LED lights contain zero mercury or other harmful chemicals. By contrast a single HPS bulb contains dangerous amounts of poisonous mercury vapour - one broken bulb can put workers at risk.

LED Lighting Benefits Extend Beyond Safety
LED Lighting Benefits Extend Beyond Safety

Although worker safety will be a prime concern of employers, there are many other reasons why a LED lighting retrofit makes sense. Here are six:

  • LED lights are energy efficient. This has an obvious beneficial impact on your bottom line, but it also is good for the environment. Compared to “traditional” lighting, eco-friendly LEDs can use up to 70% less energy. Think of your LEED status!
  • LED lights have a vastly longer lifespan than incandescent bulbs and fluorescent lamps. Again, that reduced replacement cost is great for profit margins, in addition to the previously mentioned safety benefit of worker safety.
  • Save on air conditioning! LED lighting generates much less heat than traditional lighting. Not only does this have a happy effect on hydro bills – believe it or not, it also means fewer bugs. Moths and other critters are attracted to incandescent lights because of their heat and UV rays. Not so with LED lights.
  • Sssh! LED lights do not produce noise. Incandescent lights often buzz, which can be irritating to workers and interrupt concentration.
  • LED lighting is smarter. It is operationally much more adept at dimming, wireless control and scheduling.
  • If LED lighting is being considered for an out of doors situation, another advantage is its efficiency in cold temperatures.
It’s Time for an Audit!
It’s Time for an Audit!

A LED retrofit can make your warehouse safer and improve your bottom line. It begins with expert auditors making a compete census of your facility’s lighting systems. They will determine the extent of your lighting and your energy usage.

They can then advise you as to the capital cost of switching to LED lighting, as well as the government rebates you can expect to get for the conversion. And lastly, the GTS Lighting retrofit experts will present you with the annual energy savings you will get from the conversion.


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